8 Interview Questions for Mobile App Developers


The boom in mobile applications is creating a surge in demand for developers working on a variety of platforms. Companies look for candidates with knowledge in at least one (but usually more) mobile development languages such as Objective C and … Continue reading

Engage Your Audience In The Biggest Mobile Trends In 2014


It is believed that consumers of mobile devices will be more dependent on smart application than ever and the ability of effective advertising on mobile is the key to success of every brand being sold this 2014. The usage of … Continue reading

Traits Of A Great Mobile Engineer

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Being a mobile engineer takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to become great in his chosen field especially that the industry he is working is fast-paced. To become great and be at the top, he must be able … Continue reading

4 Rules In Hiring Great Developers


The demand for developer talent is very high. Whether you’re a mobile apps builder, a redesigner of public website or keeps business-critical applications, everyone needs codes. Sam Schillace, senior vice president of engineering at cloud storage and collaboration company box … Continue reading

The Future of Mobile Engineering

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Mobile is taking over the mainstream. Mobile devices have become the most sold and utilized throughout the world today. For example, Apple has sold 70 million items for the iPhone 4S alone in 2011 and Samsung has recently revealed its … Continue reading

Different Job Descriptions and Salary Ranges of a Mobile Engineer

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One of the most sought out jobs today is that of a mobile engineer. This is primarily because of the fast paced mobile industry. Mobile engineers are tasked to develop mobile application, as well as mobile electronics. Some of the … Continue reading

A Good Mobile Engineer


If you are a mobile engineer, you need to be constantly updating yourself with whatever is latest in the mobile industry, especially in the development of different applications. A passion for technology and having different interests is a big plus. … Continue reading

Mobile Engineers


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Samsung Anticipated To Launch Mobile Phones With Fingerprint Sensor In 2014


Swedish company Fingerprint Cards perceives that many mobile companies will launch mobile phones having fingerprint sensors in 2014, with Samsung rumored to create not just one device but even two. After Apple’s lately launched iPhone 5S, the first in iOS … Continue reading

Guide to Mobile OS Updates

There are different mobile OS that are often updating. These different operating systems often update to give the mobile device subscribers a more efficient and faster mobile experience. Each device differs in the updates made by different companies. Mobile users … Continue reading